The Art Form of Sewing, quilting, and Tufting

If you are involved in the clothing business and clothing designs, then you might be familiar with the art form of sewing, quilting, and tufting. In these three patterns, designers mostly use the needle and thread to get the final result. Among all these arts, sewing is easy and two others are a bit difficult and you cannot get perfection in these arts without proper skill. Do you want to know more about these art forms? Followings are for your help.

What is sewing?

Swing is the crafts those are used to attach objects with the stitching made by the thread and needle. Sewing is one of the oldest art forms in the textile arts and initially it was done by the hands. But with the advent of the new technology, the process became much easier. In the current condition, people do the sewing both in the machines and in the hands. One can achieve high-quality fabric printing, haute couture fashion, and custom in both the ways. With the sewing, you can get your desired designs with the expert hands.


What is quilting?

Sewing and quilting are a bit different. While sewing is used to attach the things, quilting is a developed process. Though it is a process of the sewing, in this process, sewing is used to make a thicker padded material of more layers. Quilting is a sewing process that attaches two or more layers together. It is usually used in the quilted garments. Normally, quilting is performed with three layers, first is the top fabric layer, the second is the insulating material, and the third is the backing material. In the entire process, different styles and designs are adopted to give these materials a nice and creative look. This art form is used to create art quilt wall hangings, bedspreads, and clothing. It can be done by hand, specialized long arm quilting system, and the sewing machine.

What is tufting?

Tufting is an ancient sewing technique. It is normally used to create warm garments, mostly the mittens. In this art form, once the knitting is done, U-shaped loops of extra yarn and fabrics are introduced from the outside to make the end points inwards. These extra yarns create a different look sometimes with some contrasting colors. On the outside, it is used to create a design and on the inside, these extra yarns can be used to ensure durability.

All these three art forms are widely used in the clothing industry since the ancient times.

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