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Sewing For Business Use

When you mention the word sewing, most people usually think of garments. Traditionally, sewing was only used in garments but advance in technology has made it possible for sewing to be used in other industries as well. For instance, did you know that sewing is used graphic industry specifically in printing? Countless benefits of sewing has made it to become one of the best and most preferred option in various industries. It is not only durable but it also able to create unique products that stands out from others. In this article, we are going to discuss how sewing is being integrated in various industries in the business world.

1. Fabric graphic printing

Graphic industry has seen the benefits of sewing and have wasted no time to integrate in graphic printing. Through sewing, graphic designers are able to come up with unique fabric printing designs that are of better quality and durable. In addition to that, it take short time it is cheaper but more effective when compared to other methods of printing. It is also not sophisticated as it is usually the case with other form of graphic printing. As a result, most people in graphic industry prefer sewing in printing.

2. Hemming of banners

Hemming of banners is very important because it not only makes them more presentable but it also make the banner uniform. Through hemming, the sewer usually folds up a cut edge, then sew it down. This ensures the banners edge is completely enclosed. Though sewing, the banner can be manipulated in order to achieve the best result. Hemming of banners through sewing is very easy and does not consume a lot of time. In addition to that, it is relatively cheaper when compared to other options and it give quality result that is durable.

3. Pole pockets for banners.

Do you know that sewing is also used to create pole pocket for banners? Pole pockets are extra materials wrapped around the back side of the banner then heated and welded so as to create smooth seam. Through sewing you can come up with unique pole pockets for banners. You will not only come up with unique banners but you will also set up your artwork to the size you want finished. Sewing enables you to create pole pocket banners that have smooth and uniform edge. It also enables you to convey the message on the banner the way you want. Whether you are looking for single sided pole banner, indoor pole banners or outdoors pole banners, sewing can help you get what you are looking for.

4. Seaming of fabric graphics.

Sewing is one of the best methods to seam fabric graphic to achieve the desired design and shape. Through seaming, you can create long sheet of fabric graphic. You can also come up with amazing piece of fabric graphic that is able to catch people attention. The good thing of about sewing is that it enables you to create fabric graphic that you desire.

In conclusion, as opposed to the past where sewing was exclusively used in garments, nowadays many businesses have incorporated it due it its benefits.


5. Graphics for Displays

Nowadays fabric graphics are incorporated into banner printing, displays’  graphics for trade shows and other promotional marketing events. Some of the most well known products that use fabric graphics are the Xclaim and Waveline displays which graphics are printed on a stretch fabric material and seamed together to fit around a frame. There are other fabric graphics that are more simplistic such as trade show tablecloths with logo imprinted on them.

Just remember next time you are sewing think outside the box and you will see what the world of sewing has to offer to the business industry.

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The Art Form of Sewing, quilting, and Tufting

If you are involved in the clothing business and clothing designs, then you might be familiar with the art form of sewing, quilting, and tufting. In these three patterns, designers mostly use the needle and thread to get the final result. Among all these arts, sewing is easy and two others are a bit difficult and you cannot get perfection in these arts without proper skill. Do you want to know more about these art forms? Followings are for your help.

What is sewing?

Swing is the crafts those are used to attach objects with the stitching made by the thread and needle. Sewing is one of the oldest art forms in the textile arts and initially it was done by the hands. But with the advent of the new technology, the process became much easier. In the current condition, people do the sewing both in the machines and in the hands. One can achieve high-quality fabric printing, haute couture fashion, and custom in both the ways. With the sewing, you can get your desired designs with the expert hands.


What is quilting?

Sewing and quilting are a bit different. While sewing is used to attach the things, quilting is a developed process. Though it is a process of the sewing, but in this process, sewing is used to make a thicker padded material of more layers. Quilting is a sewing process that attaches two or more layers together. It is usually used in the quilted garments. Normally, quilting is performed with three layers, first is the top fabric layer, the second is the insulating material, and the third is the backing material. In the entire process, different styles and designs are adopted to give these materials a nice and creative look. This art form is used to create art quilt wall hangings, bedspreads, and clothing. It can be done by hand, specialized long arm quilting system, and the sewing machine.

What is tufting?

Tufting is an ancient sewing technique. It is normally used to create warm garments, mostly the mittens. In this art form, once the knitting is done, U-shaped loops of extra yarn and fabrics are introduced from the outside to make the end points inwards. These extra yarns create a different look sometimes with some contrasting colors. On the outside, it is used to create a design and on the inside, these extra yarns can be used to ensure durability.

All these three art forms are widely used in the clothing industry since the ancient times.

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